Three Devs and a Maybe

Weekly(ish) podcast on all things software development.

Delving into HTTP/2 with Mattias Geniar

On this week’s show we are joined by Mattias Geniar to discuss all things HTTP2. We start of the show with discussion on how he got into programming, moving into a DevsOps role as his career has progressed. From here we briefly discuss the term DevOps and how he uses a lot of Puppet in his current role. This leads us into chat about a host of topics revolved around HTTP, the history, TCP, the OSI model and ‘best practices’ in regard to HTTP 1.1 usage. We then move on to discuss the HTTP2 protocol, the changes that have been made, how easy it is to adopt and how our typical tooling works with the new standard. Finally, we wrap up the show with discussion on TLS and how/why it has almost become a ‘de-facto’ standard for the HTTP2 protocol, along with the different servers that have appeared since its inception.