Three Devs and a Maybe

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Guess Who's Back? Again...

We’re back folks. It’s been a few weeks since we last recorded and thanks to you all that enquired as to ‘where we were?’

Lew, Mike and Edd got together this week for a long overdue catch up. Turns out, we’ve all been up to quite a lot. Mike is winding down towards the end of his University course, Lew has been a learning machine during quieter times at work and Edd has been extremely busy with mainly Swift projects. We chat about the various things we have been doing and things ahead. Lew then discusses his move over to using the Laravel framework and his reasons for moving away from his own framework. Mike discusses his experiences at the PHP Conference, and Edd then finishes by discussing his dabbles with ES6.

Anyway, enough spoilers… give it a listen ;-)