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PHP Data-Structures and RFC Discussion with Joe Watkins

In this weeks episode Edd is joined by podcast regular Joe Watkins. We start off catching up with what Joe has been upto since we last spoke, and his current experiences with upgrading a legacy code-base to PHP 7. Discussion about the stability of ‘uopz’ in-regard to PHP 7 is then highlighted, followed by his recent mentoring on a data-structures extension which has been met by much phrase. Joe discusses the goals behind the extension and how the developer (Rudi Theunissen) has done a great job in designing and describing the implementation. Following this, we chat about the draft Code of Conduct RFC that Anthony Ferrara proposed earlier this year (since taken over by Derick Rethans), which has been subject to much debate. Finally, we dive into a couple of other new RFC’s that are in-discussion or recently accepted into the next release.