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Process in Design with William Thomas

In this week’s episode we are very lucky to be joined by William Thomas, designer and colleague of Edd’s at MyBuilder. We start off discussion with how he got into design - creating promotional band material and games with his brother. Following on from this we talk about his introduction to Web Design during University, exploring and pushing his understanding of markup and CSS through small web-projects. Will then explains how he feels design is more of a science than an art-form, using empirical data to aid decisions and how he has had learn to manage client expectations. From here we discuss what/who he looks to for inspiration and how he feels going to conferences to be a good aid. Having started off using markup and CSS we chat about his transition to using tools such as Sketch, why he prefers it over Photoshop and how it has become an integral part of his design process. Finally, we chat about the relationship between a designer and developer, resources for developers who wish to gain a better understanding of the work that goes into design, and his experiences working in both an agency and product based setting.