Three Devs and a Maybe

Weekly(ish) podcast on all things software development.

Stack and Sculpin with Beau Simensen

This week we are very lucky to have Beau Simensen on the show to discuss all things Stack, Sculpin and podcasting. We start off the discussion with how (new dad) Michael is getting on, and if knowing how to code helps at all when having a baby. Fraser on the other hand has had an eventful weekend cycling to France (for fun) and began work on a new project in C#. Following on from this we touch upon how Beau got into programming, and his progression through Perl to PHP. We then move on to how Stack and Sculpin came to being, and the problems they are each trying to solve. Finally we talk about an upcoming Symfony Live event in London that he will be presenting at (on Stack), and Edd will be attending.