Three Devs and a Maybe

Weekly(ish) podcast on all things software development.

The Big Five-Zero

This week we celebrate the 50th episode of the podcast in style, by… not even remembering it is the 50th episode till half way through (whoops). We start off discussion with our differing views on working from home, web unicorns and running shoes. Leading on from this, we bring up a couple of news topics that have been making the rounds in the PHP world recently - along with a proposed Unix command-line series that Mick is keen to do. We then move on to some of the great feedback we have received from you guys this past week, and somehow this leads to Edd rambling on about the Unix philosophy/application composition again. Finally, we discuss the state of CodeIgniter 3, how Git works under-the-hood and Objective-C/Swift’s memory management model.

P.S. very sorry for the noticeable audio issues throughout the episode, Edd tried his best to fix them - but unfortunately he is no audio ninja.