Three Devs and a Maybe

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University Life with Sachin Ishmael

This week we are lucky to have Sachin Ishmael on the show, who is currently on a work-placement year at ExtraDigital - studying for a BSc ‘Multimedia Technology and Design’ at the University of Kent. Discussion starts off with how much Edd enjoyed his first conference experience (SymfonyLive London), followed by Michael’s decision to lean towards using Data URIs instead of sprites (reducing HTTP requests). We then move on to chat with Sachin about what it is like to be a student in 2014, and his reasoning behind going to University, inspite of the hefty fees. This leads us to reminisce on our own University experiences and the reasons behind choosing the degree’s we did. Finally, we touch upon what drew him to multimedia, and how throughout the course he has surprisingly started to enjoy web development.