Three Devs and a Maybe

Weekly discussion podcast on all things web development. Topics range from daily developer life, PHP, frameworks, testing, good software design and our experiences using many other programming languages.

Michael Budd


Professional Web Developer, currently studying a MsC in Advanced Computer Science.

Fraser Hart


Web Developer. Rowing across the Pacific in June.

Lewis Cains


Ex professional golfer, now full time web developer.

Edd Mann


Software Developer, NBA junkie, Podcast addict

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Foo, bar, baz...

Ramble show on APIs, Queues, Email Delivery Services and Smuddle


PHP Internals catch-up with Joe Watkins

Discussion on PHP 7, uopz, pthreads, APCu, inspector and much more...


The History of React and Flux with Dan Abramov

Discussion about the history of React, Flux, Redux, React Hot Loader and React Transform


Let's TalkTalk about Security

Discussion on software architecture, React/Flux, security, pseudo-random numbers and much more...


The Shownote Heavy Podcast

Discussion on JS centric apps, Jekyll, S3Stat, and how Mick got disconnected by his ISP


Shooting the Breeze

Our first episode recorded in person!


PHP 7 Extension Development with Joe Watkins

Discussion on design decisions behind pthreads v3, extension development and much more...

Working with Git

Introductory screencast on getting to grips with day-to-day Git use


ReactJS, Flux and Screencasting

Discussion on ReactJS, Flux architecture, Session hijacking and much more...

Developing a Resizable-Indexed Array as a PHP Extension with Joe Watkins

PHP Extension screencast discussing how to implement a Resizable-Indexed Array