Three Devs and a Maybe

Weekly discussion podcast on all things web development. Topics range from daily developer life, PHP, frameworks, testing, good software design and our experiences using many other programming languages.

Michael Budd


Professional Web Developer, currently studying a MsC in Advanced Computer Science.

Fraser Hart


Web Developer. Rowing across the Pacific in June.

Lewis Cains


Ex professional golfer, now full time web developer.

Edd Mann


Software Developer, NBA junkie, Podcast addict

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The Full House

The first full host podcast of the year!


Designing APIs with Camille Baldock

Discussion on SOAP, REST, HyperMedia APIs and API Design Tooling


In The Zone

Don't disturb me, I am in the zone!?


Keeping it Lean into 2016

How about a ramble podcast to start off the new year?


Kong, the API/Microservice Management Layer with Ahmad Nassri

Discussion on the world of APIs, Microservices and how Kong helps manage them


Delving into HTTP/2 with Mattias Geniar

Discussion on the history of HTTP and the new HTTP/2 standard


Wibble, wobble, wubble...

Ramble show on full-text search, small refactoring cycles, mince pies, DRY and HTTP


'Hardcore' Functional Programming using Ramda with Andrew D'Amelio

Discussion on Functional Programming in JavaScript and the Ramda library


Foo, bar, baz...

Ramble show on APIs, Queues, Email Delivery Services and Smuddle


PHP Internals catch-up with Joe Watkins

Discussion on PHP 7, uopz, pthreads, APCu, inspector and much more...