Three Devs and a Maybe

Weekly discussion podcast on all things web development. Topics range from daily developer life, PHP, frameworks, testing, good software design and our experiences using many other programming languages.

Michael Budd


Professional Web Developer, currently studying a MsC in Advanced Computer Science.

Fraser Hart


Web Developer. Rowing across the Pacific in June.

Lewis Cains


Ex professional golfer, now full time web developer.

Edd Mann


Software Developer, NBA junkie, Podcast addict

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Let it Crash

Discussion on Logging Severity Levels, Time-dependent vs Continuous processes and more...


Getting Started using Composer with Jonathan Klein

Discussion on Composer, Semantic Versioning and Autoloading


Processing Signals and Collecting Garbage with Joe Watkins

Discussion on long-running PHP processes, Unix signals, Garbage collection and PHP UI development


The Vinyl Experience

Discussion on the Apple Hat?!, immutable design, profiling tools and backup strategies


More Chemistry than the Periodic Table

Discussion on Anagram Solvers, Yak Shaving and Event-Oriented System Design


The World of Amazon Web Services with Jason Marden

Discussion on the Serverless Architecture, Immutable Servers, Lambda and much more...


Hip hip (array)

Discussion on the AWS ecosystem, React performance, Micro-services and Logging/Monitoring


Falling into the Pit of Functional Success with Jimmy Burrell

Discussion on the Functional programming paradigm, F# and Data transformations


Caching up with Joe Watkins

Discussion on the first PHP 7.1 Alpha Release, Backwards Compatibility and Caching


Postgres Performance Tuning and Query Planner with Bruce Momjian

Discussion on the Postgres Query Planner and Performance Tuning