Three Devs and a Maybe

Weekly discussion podcast on all things web development. Topics range from daily developer life, PHP, frameworks, testing, good software design and our experiences using many other programming languages.

Michael Budd


Professional Web Developer, currently studying a MsC in Advanced Computer Science.

Fraser Hart


Web Developer. Rowing across the Pacific in June.

Lewis Cains


Ex pro golfer, now making websites and talking gibberish on this very podcast. Hello!

Edd Mann


Software Developer, NBA junkie, Podcast addict

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Flysystem with Frank de Jonge

Discussion with Frank on all things Flysystem, Freelancing and Laracon


Paranoid Android

Discussion on Google Web Designer, feature creep and the upcoming Turing movie


University Life with Sachin Ishmael

Discussion with Sachin Ishmael about University, Multimedia and 'HTML vs. Flash'


Guess Who's Back?

Discussion on Responsive Email Design, PHPStorm, Swift, Clean Coders and Task Managers


YARP (Yet Another Ramble Podcast)

Ramblings on WebSockets, Gulp, Git rebasing and 'Active Record vs. Data Mapper'


CSS Preprocessors with Guy Routledge

An introduction into CSS Preprocessors (Sass, Less and Stylus) with Guy Routledge.


Stack and Sculpin with Beau Simensen

Discussion on the Stack and Sculpin projects with Beau Simensen


News on PHP 7, and how PHP internally works with Joe Watkins

The latest news on PHP 7 and how PHP internally works to execute your code.


Introduction to Java and C#

An introductory discussion on Java and C#, comparing the two languages.


The First All-Episode Quiz

What could be better than an episode-long programming quiz?